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Privacy Notice

In compliance with the stablished at the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data of Mexico, in possession of Private Parties and with the purpose of ensuring the protection and privacy of personal data, as well as regulating access, rectification, opposition and cancellation of these, UUPZ hereinafter UUPZ, establishes the following:

This notice is related to the use of the website of: 


Personal Information

The information requested and collected or received by UUPZ, whether in physical, electronic or any other means, will consist mainly of the personal data necessary and indispensable for hiring, identification, administration, operation and any other essential for the operations of provision and / or reception of services, commercial, and information about our products and services among our employees, suppliers, customers and service providers. Your personal data will be used only to inform the professional who will provide the service with the appropriate information.



Our website stores information about the users who visit it and its different sections through cookies and IPS or temporary files, which are used only for the purpose of defining the user's interest in a particular section or service and further enrich more your visit to this site.


ARCO Rights (Access, Rectification, Cancelattion and Opposition)

In particular, the law grants the holders of personal data the right to access, rectify, and cancel their personal information held by third parties, as well as to oppose its use. These are known as ARCO rights. Remember that in order for you to apply your rights to the person in charge, you must prove that you are the owner of the data or, if you do so through a representative, you must prove this situation. This is designed so that NOBODY other than you or your representative, can decide the use that will be given to your personal data; It is for your protection and that of your information. In case you apply your rights through a representative, you can prove it in the following ways: Presenting a public instrument in which such situation is demonstrated. By power of attorney letter signed before two witnesses. Through the declaration in attendance of the holder. You can request the applying of your rights by sending us an email to the following address:



If you as a user, supplier, client or service provider provide us with your personal data, it is understood that you have read, understood and accepted this privacy notice, as well as the transfer of your data for the purposes indicated and you have not expressed opposition to it same.


Update Date

This notice was updated for the last time on August 1, 2020 but may change at any time and without prior notice other than the one published on our website



This space is designed to explain our sales policies step by step. Our work team is made up of entrepreneurs who, like you, day by day defend and protect the ecology of our planet earth. The same dedication that we use when creating UUPZ is the same that drives us to continue transmitting those positive values ​​to improve the future of the next generations. Together we will take care of planet earth!


* Order

Buying at UUPZ is very easy, you just have to follow a few simple steps:

-Enter to Online Store
-Select the model and size of your preference
-Combine the colors as much as you want
-Specify the quantity
-Add to shopping cart
-When you have your cart ready, proceed to make the purchase
-Complete all the Information, Address or Billing information
-Choose the payment method of your preference
-Make the payment and receive the confirmation to the email registered in your purchase
-When your order is filled and delivered to the shipping company, we will notify you by mail with your tracking guide and specifications so that you can tracking the status of your order

Important: components (lid and straw) are NOT for sale individually. Prices subject to change without notice.

Note: the lids of the SATURN model could have color variations (light - medium - dark), this is not a manufacturing error or reason for return.


*Printing Order

Complete the printing form and we will explain...

-Minimum purchase 250 pieces.
-It can only be a single cup color and a single ink color.
-You can combine lid and straw colors.
-Prices could change with the following scales 500 - 1,000 - 3,000 or more pieces.
-It will be essential to receive a logo in editable illustrator or photoshop format "converted to curves". UUPZ does not offer logo design and modification services.
-You will receive a digital preview to authorize printing.
-Once authorized, we will proceed with the production.
-The estimated production time will be 8 to 10 business days.
-Your order will be packaged and shipped the next business day. 


*Delivery Time

We ship with ESTAFETA from Mexico, when the order arrives in the USA a new tracking guide is assigned. Delivery time is 5 to 7 business days. This time it could be shorter or longer depending on the season and demand of the area in which you are. Your order will always ship the next business day.


*Delivery Time "Printing"

Production time 8 to 10 business days We ship with ESTAFETA from Mexico, when the order arrives in the USA a new tracking guide is assigned. Delivery time is 5 to 7 business days. This time it could be shorter or longer depending on the season and demand of the area in which you are. Your order will always ship the next business day.



You must complete the following steps...

-Fill out the form "Guarantee"
-Your report must be sent the day after receiving your order, which we will confirm with the Shipping Company to verify the delivery date.
-If your report is not sent within the time specified in the previous point, it will lose any type of guarantee and we will not be able to make any changes.
-The packaging (plastic bag) should not be opened, if it is opened the product will lose any type of guarantee.
-In the case of a supply error, missing or damaged product, they will be replaced in the next order placed.
-When it is an error of capture of the client, does not apply any type of guarantee, there will be no changes or refunds.


*Modifications / Cancellations

Once your order is received, you will NOT be able to make changes to models, sizes or colors, so it will be very important that you verify your order before making the payment.

If you want to cancel an order you will have to take into consideration the following points:

-Do it within the first 3 hours of placing your order.
-Send a email to specifiying in the subject "Order Cancellation #____".
-In the body of the email explain the reasons for the cancellation and specify the amount paid.
-The refund of your money through PayPal.