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Minimum purchase: 200 pieces


  • What material is it made of?

    It is manufactured with Rigid Polypropylene Plastic so that it has the perfect resistance and can be used and reused for years. All of our materials are top quality, BPA free and worldwide certified.

  • Is it microwave safe?

    Of course, UUPZ cups are microwave safe, and dishwasher safe. It will not alter its shape or size.

  • Is there a minimum purchase to place my order?

    Yes, we are manufacturers, the minimum purchase is 200 pieces. You can combine models, sizes and colors.
    Important: the components (lid and straw) are NOT for sale individually.

  • What are the payment options?

    For the moment only with PayPal.

  • Is there a discount for wholesale purchases?

    Our shopping cart will give you special discounts on purchases over 500, 1,000 and 3,000 pieces. If you are interested in a quantity greater than 6,000 pieces, write to us at so that we can talk about a special scheme.

  • Is there a cost for shipping?

    All our shipments are FREE with the minimum purchase of 200 pieces.

  • What is the delivery time?

    We ship with ESTAFETA from Mexico, when the order arrives in the USA a new tracking guide is assigned. Delivery time is 5 to 7 business days. This time it could be shorter or longer depending on the season and demand of the area in which you are. Your order will always ship the next business day.

  • How can I track my order?

    Once your order is received, we will verify the payment and the information for shipping, if everything is correct we will send it the next business day. Once the shipping company picks it up, we will send you your tracking guide to the email registered in your purchase. You will receive the guide with the tracking number so you can monitor the status of your order.

  • Is my order guaranteed?

    Of course, you must complete the following steps

    1. Fill the form "Guarantee"
    2. Your report must be sent the day after receiving your order, which we will confirm with the Shipping Company to verify the delivery date.
    3. If your report is not sent within the time specified in the previous point, it will lose any type of guarantee and we will not be able to make any changes.
    4. The packaging (plastic bag) should not be opened, if it is opened the product will lose any type of guarantee.
    5. In the case of a supply error, missing or damaged product, they will be replaced in the next order placed.
    6. When it is an error of capture of the client, does not apply any type of guarantee, there will be no changes or refunds.
  • Can I print my reusable cups?

    Yes, fill out the form in the "Print" section, there we will explain the costs, minimum purchase, production times, delivery times and payment conditions. The only technique we recommend is screen printing. Any other type of technique could affect the quality of the product.